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  You can listen to every album in its entirety...If you choose to download the music, your support is greatly appreciated!

 I would love to come and play for you.  I enjoy coffee houses, open mics, special occasions, churches, recovery groups or just a small group of friends to sit with me and soak in the the music.  My performances are laid back and peaceful with all original singer/songwriter compositions and an occasional instrumental piece.  I also enjoy providing background ambient guitar music for your special occasion. If you just wanna say "hey!" or want to inquire about a booking I would be delighted to hear from you!

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    Hello! I am glad you're here.  I wanted to take a moment and tell you a little about me. I love music.  I always have music playing at my house, in my car, in my guitar shop, and in my head.  Musical expression gives me great peace...a peace that I hope to share with you.  I have played guitar since the age of 13 and started composing my original ideas when I was 23.  Since then, I have recorded demos, experimental ideas, radio commercials, and full albums.  The majority of my work has been in the instrumental genre; however, in 2009 I began to write lyrics - now I had to learn to sing.  My first singer/songwriter album is entitled “Perfect Love” with a new album on the way.  “Ascension” was my first full production instrumental recording and featured some great talent: Jim Medlin (of Martina McBride) on piano, fretless bass virtuoso Michael Manring, Harry Smith (a brilliant engineer, producer and guitarist that has toured with Martina McBride, Angaleena Presley, Restless Heart and Clay Walker) and my executive producer, Emmy Award winning musician, Michael Whalen.

    My new recording of original singer/songwriter material is to be released in the summer of 2018, produced by Harry Smith.

  I really hope you enjoy the music. Most of all...I hope it brings you peace.

Good Morning Jesus Official Music Video